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The right to eat

IMG_6815.jpgIn the past few days there has been so much hue and cry about the slaughter ban without any real understanding of the situation. The ban is not going to prevent the poor animals being slaughtered in slaughter houses, but only prevent their indiscriminate slaughter, often done through the most cruel, outdated and unhygienic methods (usually done in back alleys of slums, polluting the surrounding areas as well as exposing children and people to abject cruelty, which our middle and upper-income classes are conveniently spared from witnessing).

At least in certified slaughterhouses, the use of stun guns or other methods are enforceable by law to prevent cruelty. But in unregulated places, no such laws! And that too the ban is only prevalent for milch animals. The poor chickens, sheep, pigs and goat will still continue to be killed for our archaic religious practices and food (read Gadhimai massacre).

People who are against this ban generally have no ground understanding of how much cruelty animals undergo at such places or how many of our native milch species are now seriously endangered or how much of ground pollution is caused by these practices. They are most bothered about their right to eat meat. (Don’t worry your right is fully protected).

Those arguing that their eating meat is maintaining natural balance, please get your facts right. The world is facing mass extinction of species, this time because of human beings.
Roughly 30% of the crops we grow are fed to animals. The latest UN Food and Agriculture Organisation reports (mind you, not some vegan hilly billy) livestock are responsible for 14.5% of man-made greenhouse gas emissions – the same amount produced by all the world’s cars, planes, boats, and trains. So nature sadly does not want you to balance anymore, thank you!

Those arguing for the right of economically poorer sections being denied their right to the meat and cheap food, please wake up and look around. Almost all their rights are denied because we are simply too many greedy people chasing too few resources. They dont have a choice, but we do.

And for the gaurakshaks, the exploitation of cows will continue till we consume dairy. Face the hard truth, the cow does not want to be your mother. So go back to your own mommy. She only wants to mother her calf who is snatched only days old from her and killed. She too is then dragged when only 5-7 years old to be slaughtered because she does not give milk anymore (her natural age span being 18-20 yrs). Otherwise, the billion dollar dairy industry would not be viable. So stop the hypocrisy. But while you are at it, start protecting the buffalo too. She should be your mother by the same logic.

To conclude, if we the middle and upper-income classes stop consuming so any resources, especially so much meat and dairy, we will be doing everyone a favor.

Anyone wanting to pull your head out of the sand and know the truth, please develop the courage to watch films like

For the rest of us, we can keep intellectually discussing the abject tragedy of losing our precious right to eating cholesterol and hormone riddled junk over copious amounts of milky coffee and chicken burgers.…/articlesh…/58861631.cms