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The impotence of hope

pexels-photo-415380.jpegHope beguiled me

Harking lost yesterdays, fat tomorrows

Trying to make me miss ‘today’

By worrying about what should be


But what good is hope,

If not a ‘trussed up’ past

A lamentation of lost longings, missed loves,

The regret of a life lived too fast


That which is new, hope can never say

For hope feeds on memory, on reproach

Trying to fix life the familiar way


Then why is it that Tomorrow, when it comes,

Looks like Today?


So I choose to live this day, intensely, wholly

Plunge into its mystery, its wonder, its play

Letting it weave its story, have its say


Today is ‘now’, it’s me’

The ‘me’ of raging possibility

No longer do I seek this impotent hope

Of what ‘should’ be

For I am living it right now

What I need to be

Passionate, joyful, free


My river so deep

The waves tiptoe gently over my river so deep

A river longing to speak

Of a shining sun trapped below the rubble

A torrent of thunder rolling under the sea

A song of joy now stifled in the silent creek

And while the vastness of me trembles under the heap

Life calls out to the shores beyond

Lingering, pulling, waiting for me to seek

I could drink up the sky, breathe in some forest

or soar alongside a mountain peak

But to break the cocoon, it takes willful might

Treading a trail uncharted and steep

So I choose the comfort of herds

While my fingers cloy at my grief

tearing some skin, blistering a wound

of failed loves and new hurts

The pain reeks of remorse and retribution

Accustomed, familiar and cheap

So while my heart throbs with an ancient song

to un-cage the spirit from its sleep

I choose to look away

And lie still with my river so deep



Don’t take it to the heart,
you said
I smiled at your remark
But I admit
Laughed a little in my head

For I have never taken to heart 
Anything you did or said

That soft murmur of a kiss
Little portion of bliss
Depth of that embrace
Gateway to a quiet inner place

Roar of your laughter
Tall promises of thereafter
Small moments of big rapture..

You are not the centre of my existence,
you said
Why do u then keep running
in my head

That look
Your touch
Sometimes it felt a bit all too much

I’ll dance with joy when I understand, you said
Why does my soul withdraw some more today, instead

No, I have not taken anything to heart
So move along your way
I will too, Someday

But tread gently
As you hurry along the path
For alongside walks a part of me
A little frayed
A little torn apart

Moments come and go
People more so
Letting go will be easy
For none of us had taken it to heart


I wander alone on the moor in June

On a wet and windy afternoon

Flashes of thunder obscure my vision

My drift aimless, without any rhyme or reason

And then I walk into your line of sight

Your spectre beckons me, my gaze mystified

The pillars stand impassive, a primeval circle of stones,

Guarding an epoch of secrets, all alone

Unchanged, unmoved, unshakeable,

O Sentinels to the ancient riddle

Your purpose I ponder

Were you a refuge for the departed?

Or a temple for sacred rites, now set asunder

A rainbow then breaks into the dark sky,

Its splendour scattering my questions,

I stand awestruck and stupefied

And then its twin joins in, as if to say

There may not be answers to all puzzles yet

So surrender to this moment, we pray

For a heart filled with wonder

Is the only price you will be asked to pay

This pen dosen’t write ..

This pen doesn’t write words but wants to weave old tales

Of castles, gnomes and fairies with cups of hot ginger ale


Lunge at a thought as he floats by like a kite on an aimless trail

Linger on a moment sublime, precious, holy like the grail


Watch a feeling tiptoe to awaken a heart yet unaware

And stoke the fires of a love yet young, unsure and bare


Unfurl a poem as she tumbles into an epiphany

A solitary point and errands a million too many.

The bumblebee quest

A bumblebee painting zigzaggedy yellow circles

Across the yawning blue sky

So many flowery secrets to pry

What did the Rose whisper

Why did the Forget Me Not cry

And did the lily really sigh

So much to see

So much to wonder

And so many budding opinions to ponder

So explore every blossom, he must

And the reward for all this merry quest

Is a posy of sweetness, a smidgen of golden dust